I think all you wanted by then was to feel
the tuft of a paintbrush along your fingers.

The cold, pressed hospital sheets blotted your sweat.
You seeped air from a slack upper lip.

Mrs. Honig, there was nothing
wrong with dusk—yawning

open like Georgia’s last blossom, swallowing
you with wet acrylic on your heels.

Jeannine Hennawi is a junior Writing, Literature & Publishing major who has always found fulfillment in poetry, but is now wetting her toes in the nonfiction realm as well. Once a steady contributor to her high school’s literary magazine and writing club, she is slowly reclaiming the habit of sharing her writing as often as possible. Hennawi has recently joined Emerson’s Simmer Magazine team, writing reviews for Boston’s tastiest eateries and experimenting with new recipes in her apartment kitchen. Any time not dedicated to poetry, reading, cooking, or studying is spent posting too many Facebook photos of her cats.

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