After Russell Edson

A man on crutches sees a pigeon drinking coffee on a New York sidewalk.

“Pigeon! I’m so glad I found you!” says the man. The pigeon nods.

“Oh Pigeon, this handicap has left me too lonely, ” says the man.

The pigeon says nothing, but nods in agreement.

“Pigeon, dear friend, are you cold?” says the man. The pigeon keeps nodding.

“Pigeon, please join me for some tea!” says the man. The pigeon bobs his head.

“Pigeon?” says the man.

The pigeon picks up his coffee and walks away, still nodding.


Marina is a future former Emerson College student who majored in Writing, Literature, & Publishing. While she isn’t writing poetry, she draws rosettes in lattes, updates her food blog, and plays the ukulele. Sometimes she can be found sleeping or cuddling with the handsome man her poems are about.

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