Your grave
hooded by goose bumped leaves;
the chill of late autumn’s breeze
has them dry, copper colored,
spotted sickly yellow;
they sneeze.

Acorns fall like fat rain,
grinding against the old stone
stained with spilled winter.
Nobody was there to clean up
your grave.

Your vintage cement jersey,
sporting your name and number;
the last whistle,
shrill and radiant;
an echo of footsteps,
across a broken glass path;
behind bleachers,
through vodka puddles.

You were turned upside down:
drops of blood
filled your skull,
a bowl of ripe red cherries,
now full of pits,
and the squirrels
don’t even visit.

Sam Fishman is a rising senior Marketing Communication major at Emerson College, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He recently started Stede™ Threads, a headwear company that connects pieces of recycled skate decks with hats. When not out skateboarding, Sam writes poetry, because it’s the closest that he’s ever going to get to being a rapper.

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