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The McConnaissance is Real

I realized Matthew McConaughey Is a damn good actor Not when he battled the blast off of AIDS But during the launch of Endurance During Interstellar The okra, corn fields are burning, embers Of distress, as brief as passed-on pioneers The dust rejects this wasteland building bridges And infrastructure in bleeding lungs The schoolbooks says …


A Silent Hallelujah

On the morning of my First Communion, I stood in a doorway fingering white tulle. I hear my mother’s voice: You never fuck me anymore. My father, fixing his tie, caught my eye like a foul ball as he left their bedroom. Months later while he was on a boy’s trip to Ireland, my mother …


My Roaring Twenties

I am twenty-one and cannot spend my whole life closed up and cold, neck aching from staring back at sixteen. From introspection comes revelation, and from revelation comes more introspection, and I am tired of living at the center of my past’s magnetic field. It makes a loop, a line, repeating into infinite intervals. I am …